One Percent Realty Victoria

In today’s real estate market, over 85% of home buyers are initiating their home buying search online themselves, well before even considering to involve a real estate agent. I encourage and recognize that effort by providing a HUGE cash rebate to buyers who use me to help them purchase a property.

Purchase a property listed by ANY agent or real estate company on MLS® and …………

WOW! ..  I Pay YOU $1000-$4000 of my "3% 1st $100K & 1.5% Bal" commission*

            Purchase Price                Cash Rebate*

     $300,000 to $500,000              $1,000
            $500,000+                         $1,500
               $600,000+                         $2,000   
            $700,000+                         $2,500
            $800,000+                         $3,000
            $900,000+                         $3,500
                    $1,000,000+                      $4,000 Max.
Cash Rebates apply to buying commission ONLY to 3.0% first $100k + 1.5% on the balance of minimum $200K purchase price

Just think of all the uses you could put this extra money to:

- help with your closing costs
- buy some new furniture for your new home
- go on a holiday


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