New Homes/Condos/Townhomes

The developer charges a price for a newly constructed home. If you make an offer with a real estate agent at your side, then the developer will pay your agent a commission (from which I, as your Cash Back Rebate REALTOR®, would give you back a cash rebate).  However, if you purchase that same home without an agent, the developer will charge you the same price. You will NOT be eligible for a cash rebate.

By law the developer can only pay a commission to a licensed real estate professional.  Please note:  You MUST contact me BEFORE you step foot into a developer’s Show Home for the 1st time or you may lose your right to a cash rebate.

So, before purchasing a property being marketed by a developer, contact me and …

WOW! .. I pay you $1000-$9000 of my "3% 1st $100K & 1.5% Bal " commission:

             Purchase Price              Cash Rebate
$100,000to $500,000             $1,000
         $500,000+                        $1,500
         $600,000+                        $3,000
         $700,000+                        $4,500
         $800,000+                        $6,000
          $900,000+                        $7,500
                   $1,000,000+                     $9,000 max.

Just think of all the uses you could put this extra money to:

Help with your closing costs
Buy some new furniture for your new home
Go on a holiday


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