1. Is there any fine print?

 No, you will know exactly how much you receive prior to the submission of an offer. There is “no catch”…………WOW !!


2. Do you offer full service since you are giving away a large part of your commission?

 Give me a try….I am sure I will exceed your expectations in every way.


3. How long does it take to get my rebate cheque?

 As soon as I get paid I will write you a cheque (usually within 10 days of completion)


4. This seems too good to be true??

 Consider this…..Some traditional real estate brokerages get up to 50% of the commission earned by their agents, many of them deliver exception service to their clients. My position is to simply reward the buyer with the portion of the commission that would have otherwise been paid to the brokerage…and I do this while delivering the same exceptional service you would come to expect from a large brokerage.


5.  But doesn’t the seller pay the commission?

 Yes, out of the purchase price paid by the buyer. The buyer is actually paying the commission through an ‘inflated’ selling price. I simply give a portion of the commission paid by the buyer back to the buyer in form of a rebate.


6.  Can you help me purchase a private sale?

 Yes, assuming I can negotiate a buying commission with the seller of at least 3% on the 1st 100K and 1.5% on the balance of the purchase price.


7. How and why did you come up with this rebate model?

 I am the original Real Estate Agent in Victoria to offer a Buyer Cash Back Rebate. In this day and age I know that 80%-90% of the buyers go on line to search for a property; then they contact an agent to show them properties, etc…..by virtue of all the work done by the buyer my workload is drastically reduced, not to mention the technology that is available for the real estate agents to also make the workload easier and more efficient. I also work out of a home office. In so doing, my overhead costs are minimal.

 Therefore, I can manage more clients at a lower cost……… consequently I can lower my commission and thus give you a good Cash Back Rebate.

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